Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fast relief on heavy acne

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hey guys, i know that i have not been updating my blog frequently ..its because i am very busy with school work..however i'll try to make more free time. Today im back with a home remedy for heavy and fast appearing acne.

Sometimes store bought acne products just dont work .....and what happens if you run out? well if you have some baking soda will work just as great
step 1: Get a plastic bowl and fill it up with three table spoons of baking soda

step 2: Take 1-2 tsps of water and mix it in the bowl. Mix until you have a paste consistency.

step 3: dip your finger in the mixture.....and put the baking soda paste onto your pimples. Leave this on for about 2-3 hours if possible. Wen you feel that the paste has hardened.......scrape it'll find that it has made the pimple very hard..and its tip will automatically fall off. Baking soda kills the bacteria...and reduces the pimple redness and its size.

step 4: make sure that all the baking soda paste is off your face, and apply any face moisturizer that you have.

And now ...enjoy your acne-free fresh face:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Acne and Scar mask remover.

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Hey everyone, today im back with a face mask to help reduce acne and scars. This is a very easy recipe, it's completely natural and free of cost.!:) So LETS GET STARTED;)

Cool green tea

Step 1: Pour 1tsp of cider vinegar into a bowl. Next, add 2tsp of green tea, let the two substances mix with one another.

Step 2: Add five 5tsp of sugar into the mixture, also add 1sp of honey. The mixture should now be more "sticky" due to the honey. Mix.

Step 3: Again your going to add the last 2tsps of sugar into the bowl. you should now have a thicker consistency. Now place the mixture in a tiny jar, and put it in the fridge for multiple use.

step 4: before applying mask, make sure your face is washed and cleansed. ( NO MAKEUP) Dab the mixture onto cotton, and apply it around your face. ( in other words smearer the product into your face) In circular motion, use your finger tips to massage the product, do this for about five minutes. then let the mask settle into your skin for the next ten minutes.
While Ur waiting why not make the toner? ( Use a jar for this mixture)
For the toner, all you'll need is about 3tsp of cider vinegar, then add 2tbsps of green tea. For moisture benefits, add a tsp of olive oil.

Now once you have washed off the mask, apply the toner onto a cotton ball and spread the toner around your face. And your done, TRY IT YOURSELF. It definitely helps in reducing acne and removing scars.

See you next time:)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


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Hey guys, today im back with a hair tutorial inspired by taylor swift. She is very famous for her tight and spunky curls, so today will be re-creating that look.
lets get started ( For reference check back at the picture above.)

You'll need: Heat protectant, a 3/4 " curling iron (very thin iron), elastics, hair brush, smoothing serum, hairspray.

NOTE: If you do not have a 3/4 " curling iron, then check out my post on "curl hair using paper", on that post it shows you how to make your own 3/4 " curling iron.

Step 1: spray the heat protectant throughout your hair, and brush it out. Part your hair ( any way you like it) i usually divide it in half, and work with one side then move on to the next.

Step 2: In order to get very tight and small Taylor swift curls, you must curl small pieces of hair. Take a small piece and WRAP it around the curling iron. DO NOT use the curling irons clip, make sure you WRAP the hair AROUND the iron clip. Do this around your entire hair.

Step 3: Next take your bangs ( if you don't have bangs then just fake it:) Using the curling iron, curl AWAY from your face to create bangs like Taylor's. Then smooth it out using any smoothing serum. Fix your bangs. And make sure your hair is parted on the side and not in the middle. Do your touch ups, add hairspray and your done:)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bohemian milkmaid braids ( with curled hair)

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Hey guys so im back today with a fun summer hair tutorial. The picture above inspired this look so if you feel stuck at any point just refer back to the image above. LETS GET STARTED..
You'll need: Heat protectant ( i use tresemme heat protectant), curler or straightner ( To curl hair), Teasing comb ( or just a n
ormal comb), a hair brush, bobby pins, and hair elastics.

Step 1:
Brush out your hair, and divide it in half. Then take a handful of hair from both sides,these
are going to be your braids. Tie the rest of your hair back. Now braid the hair that you sectioned of.

step 2: Next overlap, the two braids over your part and clip them down using bobby pins. ( look at this picture for reference*-----)

Step 3: now let down the rest of your hair. And using a straightener or curler, curl the ENDS of your hair ONLY. This gives your hair more volume and "Bounce." ( MAKE SURE YOU CURL YOUR ENDS OUTWARDS.)

Your almost done.:) Now just do the touch-ups..add more bobby pins to your braids if you need to...and add hair spray on, for your look to last longer. And your finished. This is one of my fav looks because it's easy and it's VERY PRETTY!;) SO go ahead try it out and have fun.

See you next time:)

Friday, July 16, 2010


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Eyeliner is like magic makeup dust, why? because it creates the illusion of "larger" and lengthy eyes. But if its not used properly, it will damage the eyes and you'll be in one big dark mess. :( Keep reading to learn the basics of eyeliner, and application, you will see a dramatic change in your makeup looks. :)

Textures: If you are a beginner, then i recommend that you use, eyeliners pens and pencils or creams. Because they are solid texture they are more easier to control and apply, if your more advanced then go ahead and use liquid based eyeliners.

Wear a lid to prevent powdered cuttings.Whether you choose felt, pencil, gel or cream, apply it with a eyeliner brush. To have a clean and precise line, you must be comfortable, be relaxed in front of a mirror and keep your eyes open.To help you, gently pull the outer corner of your eye.Draw your line in small buttons close together, start with the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.Go back to the line, and connect the little "buttons" you made to create a sharp line.To touch: Use a cotton swab, dip it in make-up remover and erase the mistakes.If you want to emphasize the lower lid of your eye, the easiest way is to use a pencil eye liner and create a bridge along your eyelashes and waterline.

Eyeliner colors:
Black is the most common used eyeliner color, because it creates depth and intensity, and it goes great with any outfit and brown eyes. If you have blue eyes i recommend, blue eyeliner to complement the eyes, and for green eyes blue eyeliner is great as well as green eyeliner.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who doesn't love false lashes?;)

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False eyelashes are great tools to use to brighten your eyes and create the illusion of enlightened eyes. However, i witness young women wearing eyelashes, the wrong way. And by that i mean they don't apply it properly therefore it looks to fake and trashy.:(

Here you will learn how to apply them properly..without it looking too fake.

1. Above all, try your false eyelash before you glue them on. You do this to make sure the length is right for your eyes. Place the shortest part of the eyelashes on your inner corner, and cut the longest side for a good fit.

2. Apply one coat of mascara (any type) as a base to make it easier to apply the false lashes and so that your natural lashes blend with the false ones.
3. Put glue on the false eyelash with an emphasis on outer corners.
4. For proper fit, you must be seated, elbows resting on a table with a mirror in front of you. When you put the false eyelash glue the inside corner first and then the middle and finally the outer corner of the eyelid. Now you're ready!

NOTE: I hear about lashes with rhinestones and other accessories, i dont recommend these types of lashes for everyday looks, because there to exotic. however if thats your style then use the same techniques above and you'll be ready.

Until next time:)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

OMG ITS BEEN A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello everybody, im back, i know i've been gone for so long, but thats because i've been so busy with school, but im back and i will continue to update this blog, and i'll work harder! i promise:)

Later today or maybe tomorrow im going to post various beauty tipss...and a nail tutorial :)

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