Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who doesn't love false lashes?;)

Posted by beautysmartie101 at 5:46 PM

False eyelashes are great tools to use to brighten your eyes and create the illusion of enlightened eyes. However, i witness young women wearing eyelashes, the wrong way. And by that i mean they don't apply it properly therefore it looks to fake and trashy.:(

Here you will learn how to apply them properly..without it looking too fake.

1. Above all, try your false eyelash before you glue them on. You do this to make sure the length is right for your eyes. Place the shortest part of the eyelashes on your inner corner, and cut the longest side for a good fit.

2. Apply one coat of mascara (any type) as a base to make it easier to apply the false lashes and so that your natural lashes blend with the false ones.
3. Put glue on the false eyelash with an emphasis on outer corners.
4. For proper fit, you must be seated, elbows resting on a table with a mirror in front of you. When you put the false eyelash glue the inside corner first and then the middle and finally the outer corner of the eyelid. Now you're ready!

NOTE: I hear about lashes with rhinestones and other accessories, i dont recommend these types of lashes for everyday looks, because there to exotic. however if thats your style then use the same techniques above and you'll be ready.

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