Sunday, July 25, 2010


Posted by beautysmartie101 at 9:32 AM
Hey guys, today im back with a hair tutorial inspired by taylor swift. She is very famous for her tight and spunky curls, so today will be re-creating that look.
lets get started ( For reference check back at the picture above.)

You'll need: Heat protectant, a 3/4 " curling iron (very thin iron), elastics, hair brush, smoothing serum, hairspray.

NOTE: If you do not have a 3/4 " curling iron, then check out my post on "curl hair using paper", on that post it shows you how to make your own 3/4 " curling iron.

Step 1: spray the heat protectant throughout your hair, and brush it out. Part your hair ( any way you like it) i usually divide it in half, and work with one side then move on to the next.

Step 2: In order to get very tight and small Taylor swift curls, you must curl small pieces of hair. Take a small piece and WRAP it around the curling iron. DO NOT use the curling irons clip, make sure you WRAP the hair AROUND the iron clip. Do this around your entire hair.

Step 3: Next take your bangs ( if you don't have bangs then just fake it:) Using the curling iron, curl AWAY from your face to create bangs like Taylor's. Then smooth it out using any smoothing serum. Fix your bangs. And make sure your hair is parted on the side and not in the middle. Do your touch ups, add hairspray and your done:)



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