Thursday, July 30, 2009


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Hey everyone, im sorry i havent posted any thing in the past two days, but thats because i have been really busy, but im back today with a TUTORIAL .This is going to be a nail tutorial on bow nails. I've also provided some pictures. ( I OWN ALL THE PICTURES) So lets get started.

Step #1: Apply your base coat and your background colour i chose orange.

Step # 2: Take your bow colour, i chose blue, just because blue really compliments the orange and makes it POP:) Next take your dotting tool or a toothpick and make two dots on TOP of each other, to form an 8. It should look like the picture . Do this on both sides of the nail.

Step # 3: Your nail should look something like this.

Step # 4: Take a toothpick or a pin, and drag in the four circles you created in step 2 and 3. Drag them right into the center.

THIS IS YOUR FINAL LOOK:) to make it more "glamourtized" you can apply sparkles all over the nail, and apply a rhinestone right in the middle. ( If you see that black dot in the middle thats a rhinestone.) And thats it i hope you ALL enjoyed it if you have any questions just message me and be sure to become a follower on my blog, i'll see you tomorrow bye bye.:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MINI coastalscents HAUl..... (ORDERED)

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Hey everyone, so yesterday i couldn't sleep, and i decided to go online and shop. First i was going to shop from mac, but then an AD for coastalscents appeared, and since i've never tried shopping from there, i decided to pick up some things. The products should arrive, in about a week or so. Here are the things i picked up: Btw these items can be found on

I chose this 88 warm palette, because it has so many neutrals to choose from. Its a very formal palette, and i dont like my make-up to dark or to "fancy" so this will definitly do me good. It also has some really pretty matt blacks, and matt blacks are great for smokey eyes:)

Professional Camouflage concealer palette- This is a MUST HAVE, i have various different concelears, but i need differen't colours for my clients, because they probably have a different skin tone then me. It has a rang of skin tones, from light to dark choclaty skin concelalers.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ghd hair straightner review!

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Hey everyone welcome to my blog, today i've decided to write a review on the GHD straightner. You can purchase this straightner from This hair straightner is my favorite straightner, because not only does it straighten your hair but it can also curl your hair and crimp it. The plates on this straightner allow your hair to glide very easily. It also adds sleek and shine to my hair, without even having to apply any silk infusion. The only thing i really dislike about this product is that when im straightnening small sections of my hair, some hair strands get stcuck on the sides of the plates, and it hurts my scalp because it feeliks like someone is pulling off your hair. But this doesnt occure often.

It heats up really quickley, within 2-3 seconds it becomes steaming HOT. It takes me about five-10 minutes to complete my whole head of hair.

So that is my review, i hope this helps some of you into deciding what type of straightner you want to purchase.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

3D Nail flowers (Simple and Quick)

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Hey everyone, im back today with a TUTORIAL. This is a nail tutoria, it's very simple and it's great for indoor and outdoor wear. SO LETS GET STARTED:)
Step #1: Apply a base coat to your nails,im using maybeline selon Expert base and top coat.
Step # 2: Apply a base COLOUr to your nails. Im using lycra wear 366 beige.
Stpe #3: Now pick another colour of your choice, im using hot pink by salley hansesn. Draw five dots on your nails, draw them so that they look like a circle. (You can use a toothipick to draw the dots, you can use a nail brush, or you can use a dotting tool)
Step # 4: Before the nails polish drys get a toothpick, and drag each dot of the flower, into the center. Do that to ALL FIVE DOTS:)
You know have a flower that kinda looks 3D
Step # 5: If you think its too simple, then go ahead and grab some rhinstones and place them in the center of the flower. Apply your top coat and your done:)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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Hey everyone i'd like to thank GEE for becoming my very first follower thank you so so much. I hope that many others will follow as well , because i have alot more coming up dont forget tell your friends. I will be holding a contest as soon as i hit 20 followers. PLease Subscribe as well, you guys are amazing.



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Okay so i will be writting a post in the afternoon, this post is going to be a tutorial on NAILS:)
I am hoping that i will get this done if not i will tomorrow, i am extreemely busy.
But for now since i dont have a tutorial let's go through basic nail care!
-Apply cuticle cream to your nails every other day. (I do this.)
- Trim your nails every two weeks
-Dont use your nails as a tool
-If you have weak nails, i suggest using a nail hardener, i recommand sally hansens nail hardners.
-Use a toothpick to clean out the dirt from the insides of your nails (DO THIS EVERYDAY)
- Don't apply nail polish to your nails everyday, let your nails breath a little:)
-File your nails every week.( I prefer to file my nails in a square shape form. Make sure when you file them you dont' go back and forth just file in one direction. Filing back and forth causes your nails to break. I should know:P)

Thats it, follow these simple rules and you should have great long nails in no TIME:)

IF you have any questions please message me.

I will talk to you all later bye bye:)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to CURL hair using a piece of PAPER :D

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HEY HEY HEY, so this is going to be my very first tutorial (kinda) on how to curl your hair with a piece of paper. Sounds wacky but it really works. (AS i make new posts i will provide pictures)

Step # 1: Take an 8 and a half by eleven paper. ( 8 1/2 by 11, normal printing paper) If you have a smaller piece then you can use that, this is just the paper i use.

Step # 2: Fold your paper in half, and take the end where you see a crease, and fold it all the way until your entire paper is rolled up into a very skinny cylinder. ( NOTE: For this tutorial we need a very skinny curling barrel, because most people dont have that i decided to do this trick. But if you do then go ahead and use that.)

Step # 3: Take your paper barrel, now take a piece of hair, you want small sections, make sure you apply heat protectant, and you brush your piece of hair. Now wrap that piece of hair around your paper barrel.

Step # 4: Hold it in place, now take your STRAIGHTNER i used the GHD hair straightner and i got it from, make sure you check that out, they have AMAZING DEALS. Let your straightner heat up, now that its heated, clump it down on your hair piece that is wrapped around the paper barrel.

Step # 5: You should get a wisped kind of curl. If you want really tight curls then leave your straightner clamped on the hair piece for about 15 seconds depending on how hot your iron gets.
After you have curled your entire head of hair, run your fingers through it. (ATTENTION: If your hair looses its curls very easily , then dont run your fingers through it. )

Step # 6: Style it accordingly, you should have very nice and tight curls, this look was inspired by a japanesse model.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message, dont forget to follow my blog:)

Thanks everyone:


Everything a girl needs to know about beauty is right here:)

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Hey, Hey , Hey:) Welcome to my blog, my name is Catherine and im 23 years old.
i have just created this blog to express and share my tips and tricks on how to style hair, makeup, and nails.:)

So if thoes categories intrest you then please feel free to come back and stick around to learn
new things:D


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