Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MINI coastalscents HAUl..... (ORDERED)

Posted by beautysmartie101 at 8:38 AM
Hey everyone, so yesterday i couldn't sleep, and i decided to go online and shop. First i was going to shop from mac, but then an AD for coastalscents appeared, and since i've never tried shopping from there, i decided to pick up some things. The products should arrive, in about a week or so. Here are the things i picked up: Btw these items can be found on http://www.coastalscents.com/

I chose this 88 warm palette, because it has so many neutrals to choose from. Its a very formal palette, and i dont like my make-up to dark or to "fancy" so this will definitly do me good. It also has some really pretty matt blacks, and matt blacks are great for smokey eyes:)

Professional Camouflage concealer palette- This is a MUST HAVE, i have various different concelears, but i need differen't colours for my clients, because they probably have a different skin tone then me. It has a rang of skin tones, from light to dark choclaty skin concelalers.



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