Friday, July 16, 2010


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Eyeliner is like magic makeup dust, why? because it creates the illusion of "larger" and lengthy eyes. But if its not used properly, it will damage the eyes and you'll be in one big dark mess. :( Keep reading to learn the basics of eyeliner, and application, you will see a dramatic change in your makeup looks. :)

Textures: If you are a beginner, then i recommend that you use, eyeliners pens and pencils or creams. Because they are solid texture they are more easier to control and apply, if your more advanced then go ahead and use liquid based eyeliners.

Wear a lid to prevent powdered cuttings.Whether you choose felt, pencil, gel or cream, apply it with a eyeliner brush. To have a clean and precise line, you must be comfortable, be relaxed in front of a mirror and keep your eyes open.To help you, gently pull the outer corner of your eye.Draw your line in small buttons close together, start with the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.Go back to the line, and connect the little "buttons" you made to create a sharp line.To touch: Use a cotton swab, dip it in make-up remover and erase the mistakes.If you want to emphasize the lower lid of your eye, the easiest way is to use a pencil eye liner and create a bridge along your eyelashes and waterline.

Eyeliner colors:
Black is the most common used eyeliner color, because it creates depth and intensity, and it goes great with any outfit and brown eyes. If you have blue eyes i recommend, blue eyeliner to complement the eyes, and for green eyes blue eyeliner is great as well as green eyeliner.



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