Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fast relief on heavy acne

Posted by beautysmartie101 at 12:33 PM
hey guys, i know that i have not been updating my blog frequently ..its because i am very busy with school work..however i'll try to make more free time. Today im back with a home remedy for heavy and fast appearing acne.

Sometimes store bought acne products just dont work .....and what happens if you run out? well if you have some baking soda will work just as great
step 1: Get a plastic bowl and fill it up with three table spoons of baking soda

step 2: Take 1-2 tsps of water and mix it in the bowl. Mix until you have a paste consistency.

step 3: dip your finger in the mixture.....and put the baking soda paste onto your pimples. Leave this on for about 2-3 hours if possible. Wen you feel that the paste has hardened.......scrape it'll find that it has made the pimple very hard..and its tip will automatically fall off. Baking soda kills the bacteria...and reduces the pimple redness and its size.

step 4: make sure that all the baking soda paste is off your face, and apply any face moisturizer that you have.

And now ...enjoy your acne-free fresh face:)



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